Wednesday, October 8, 2008

it's been 6 years!

We finally got to meet up again!
This is a come-together of the old and new gang in Melb, and some other halves (and one 1/4? Haha.)
Some of us didn't even know each other initially ... but it was great to come together and realize we find humor at the same kind of jokes anyhow!
Check out the rest of the pics here.
This is one of the funnest gang I know in my life.
Friends born out of trials and tribulation and quirkiness and the occasional accident. :P

I was freaked out cos it turns out they were all wanting to meet JX!
He only managed to make it much later cos of his basketball game.
So only the 5 happy peeps who were able to stay later got to see him in Taboo action.
He and Sherl tied for first place, while Elaine and me couldn't stop laughing cos we had such a hilarious time!

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