Saturday, October 18, 2008

The Screening Room

I finally got to go!

Carol and I sat in the Moo chairs, which were on the other side of the room today.
They were screening the Korean flick "Le Grand Chef" which we both really liked.
It was sensitively well done enough to draw tears and laughter from both of us.
And they way they cooked ... Wah. :P
I like shows where they zoom in on the cooking...

We were watching the trailer playing on the screen while waiting for them to start, then someone clicked on the remote and we found ourselves staring at a DVD MENU screen.
We looked at each other ... "Pay $20 each to come here and watch DVD?"
Hahaha.... It was fun tho.

We did say however, the next time round, we should request for the white armchairs in the pic foreground.
We secretly went to test them out after most of the people had left and they were much more comfortable (sad to say) than our Moo ones, even tho I couldn't stop stroking the Moo fur. :P

We also checked out the rooftop terrace on the 5th level.

Which is nowhere near as tranquil as it looks in this pic man....
I was hoping to discover another nice place to CHILL.
But I could barely hear my own thoughts as the music was blasting so loud!
It followed us all the way as we were escaping downstairs oh-so-quickly.

Shachew the "I-lurf-finding-new-places" then goes, "Let's try walking this way okei? If I'm not wrong, it's a bridge of some sort that leads to Club Street then to Tanjong Pagar MRT station."

Cos the other day as I was going to meet Derek, Remy, Regina for a TP catch-up at Beng Hiang, I walked past this doorway-looking thing that said "Ann Siang Hill Park Entrance."
"There's a PARK here?!"
I was already running a little behind time, so I only managed to walk in a little way to catch a glimpse of it.
I told myself I'd check it out some other time and hurried on to join them for yummy kong bak. :P

So Carol and I took the route that led us past the back of shophouses, some sort of bridge down a mini-hill and eventually came out on the other side of the Ann Siang Hill Entrance!

Along the way, we walked past no lesser than 10 men, and no women at all. 
I think we also passed a nightclub entrance in the middle of nowhere.

That explains why we didn't choose to continue along this route ... 

Cos even though it was the more scenic one, it would have taken us further and who knows how many other men we'll meet along the way.
That's a feat to be repeated when we are walking with the men in our lives who can go "Haiiiiiiii- yah!" while we scream our lungs out in case anything happens. 

So .... we turned right instead and hopped down the stairs (Carol traipsing carefully in her new ostrich skin boots) ....

And before we knew it, we were at the main road heading home! :)

I'll definitely go back to Screening Room ... but must either go early to chope the good seats or reserve them.

Wanna head back to Ann Siang Hill to check out Books Actually too. :)

It's back to work for me.

Something's exciting is in store for tomorrow! :)

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