Wednesday, October 8, 2008

things are heating up in the last quarter of 2008

My mum just rededicated her life back to God!
Pst. Ming came to pray over the house, and led her in the prayer.
Tomorrow he'll come back to pray for her to be baptized in the Holy Spirit.

An extract of my happy sms conversation with BL.

BL: Praise d Lord! :) God is so so good...
SC: Yah! Sometimes it's still quite unbelievable that it's happening in my home... But praise the Lord! :)
BL: I totally know wat u mean... Look @ my dad, he's now a Christian n my whole house is also now a house of God! :)
SC: Yah! Just a few months ago, I was totally envying u and yr family, and before I know it, it's happened for mine. No fireworks and all, but surely, God is wkg.
BL: Amen Amen Amen! Itz so true, when 1 is saved, d whole household shall b saved!
SC: Am so glad I got to see it in action! :)

Note the number of smiley emoticons.... haha.

It's been a most eventful year, without doubt. 

On a sidetrack: My mum gave me Taka vouchers the other day...
Today I realise the last piece was a $50 and not another $10!
Hee hee. 
Hm.... wat should I get with $110? :P

And I've yet to spend the Capita-vouchers Pheebs and KS gave me for my berfdae this year.
It expires on 27 october...

So that means I have no choice but to go shopping soon right?!

Clapping my hands in glee. 

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