Thursday, October 13, 2005

"aren't these in the textbook?!"

"The exam questions are going to be from what we discussed in class."

That means we have to study everything else so we know how to answer right?
Cos we discussed blah blah blah from the textbook in class.
But noooooooo....the exam questions are picked out from EXACTLY the same questions we did in class!!
And they are not the "Ooh, I know! It's point-1=this, point-2=that" kind....
they are the "I-have-to-invent-a-system-for-this" kind....if u know what I mean.
For eg. "How would you measure emotional intelligence in a way that would silence its critics?"
Erm....measure the response of many people towards an emotionally intelligent person?
Argh.....yah, that was my worst answer...only took me all of 2 sentences to exhaust what I had to say abt that.

Yes, of course, I had my good moments too.
When it came to decision-making and organisational culture, I wrote like a kid on sugar-high who just found the wonder of ink...hahaha....
By putting together what I crammed into my brain and relating to my own experiences, I was able to spew out a pageful each for abt 5 questions....which means I'm quite confident I'll be able to pass, cos the paper comprises 8 questions of 5 marks each.
As for doing well, I can only say, I've done the best I can, and it's all in God's hands now.
He's got really huge miracle-working kinda hands, so I'm thinking I should be a-okei!

Now I've gotta get started on my assignments.
1 due tomorrow and another due on Fri.
Both of which I haven't started on, cos I was so busy mugging for this exam! Hahaha!
But no'll be okei.
They are not too big, so I should be able to finish both in time, by the grace of God. :)

For all the other members of the mugging club, keep hanging in there....
And if you are reading this in the library when you're supposed to be studying, SHOO! Get back to your books! :p Heh heh. Don't think I donno ah.

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