Tuesday, October 11, 2005

mugging sidetracks

Right in the middle of mugging in Stress-opolis, I have watched Jaws 3 and The Notebook (again)....
I have nothing to say to myself. :P
But maybe I can blame it on my hsemate for renting the dvds.
Hahaha.....just joking! (Thanks for the yummy carbonara btw, xodus)

Sigh....who ask me to go and study in front of the HUGE tv screen that we have now? :P
Displacement activity.....displacement activity.......my room is calling my name..."pack me shar, pack me!"

But gosh, The Notebook IS beautiful, if only for how much Noah loved Allie all the rest of his life.

Okei, one more day before the Psycho exam!
*thumbs up* ;D
LRC, here I come!

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