Friday, October 14, 2005

sugar withdrawal

My left eye has been twitching for almost a week now. Howie, no wonder u could see it...I can practically see the vein pulsating when it happens. :P Am I too heaty or issit lack of sleep or issit a Coke withdrawal symptom? Anyway, I'm starting to get used to life without sugar high. Hahaha.

I've handed up today's assignment....wheee!! Now for tomorrow's.....!

Hm....when this weekend is over, I'll be able to take a short breather and have at least a good nite's sleep. Then start on my Asian Cinema essay, which I am kinda looking forward to. I'll be analyzing and comparing 2 movies for that, and I'm pretty good at that. Plus, everyone knows movies are a great way to go when u're up to eyeballs in stress. Hahaha!

Man, am craving for Koko Black hot chocolate. Was contemplating if I should walk down to get a take-away, but I have decided to stay in, be good and save money. There's always Coke if the sugar deficiency gets too unbearable. Heh heh. If I listen hard enough, I can hear the Annas and Chesters going "Noooooo! No COKE!"

Maybe when I need another displacement activity later, I'll post some of my Israel photos up. Badly want to pack my room, but I think that's a major project, inappropriate for present time constraints.

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