Monday, October 17, 2005

behind the wheels

I went down to Knoxville yesterday for a meeting in the morning, and time was tight to get to CGM from there. So I took a cab down to Blackburn train station. And guess what...the cab fare was enough to pay for 6 cups of Koko Black hot chocolate lah...! Unbelievable. Thank God Darren came to pick Renita and myself up for CGM, or I'd reach CGM just in time to end the meeting. Public transport system in Melb is nothing to boast about, but willing members are really great to shout about.

So, here's a tribute to all the drivers in M1 & M2 - you guys (and gals) rock man. I always hate to ask more of u guys, cos u all just go around half of Melb out-of-yr-way, and with such a willing attitude, so we all can get home safe. Says alot abt servant hearts and love for ppl!

Just from me, thanks to:

1. Chester for planning and arranging transport and always making sacrifices like sending ppl home from church to city and then driving back home alone to Dandenongs, just so people don't have to miss out on fun stuff, or u dun wanna see us take the train. Sorry about Tamago man, Chester. I know you're heartbroken. But you're a really brave guy. And bad stuff does happen to good ppl. You not narakai.... so dun beat yrself up over it k. Keeping u in prayers.

2. Sis Wei Wei for squeezing as many ppl as u can into Jayuz, and always starting and being involved in conversations so the journey's never quiet or boring. And always looking after our tummies and making sure we do not starrrrrve.

3. Lalani for the cool music and always ensuring that ppl feel at ease in yr car. Plus, when u're in one of yr inspired moments, u are hilarious. All other times, u are a fantastic listener.

4. Howard for the ever-changing-and-never-allowed-to-be-finished songs...haha....and for being observant towards yr passengers so we are all comfortable. You're a gentleman to the gals.

5. Darren for the beemer experience and the assurance of knowing we're in the hands of a fast but safe driver who is watching out for his passengers...and for great chats too.

6. And of course, my hsemate Louis...for the "I can't hear myself speak" surround sound bass system. Even when I'm not in the car, I am impacted - I can HEAR and FEEL Nixim coming home. Haha... Thanks for the thigh-slapping jokes, in-the-garage chats, zooming by to pick me up after yr work when I'm "stranded" in Glen Waverley area, car-washing "lessons", and generally spreading fun my way. Plus, u're a skilful driver. Heaps of rides to thank u for.

So here's my salute to the people behind the steering wheels.
You guys deserve to get yr dream cars!

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