Thursday, October 20, 2005

No pie in the sky...

3 years in Melb and I always miss going to Mt Dandenong Range. Then in less than 20 hrs, I have gone twice! Hahaha...We went up for a drive 3am plus this morning, then again at 4pm this afternoon. Was almost in a stupor during the morning trip, so it was nice to see it with my eyes open 2nd time around.

Pie in the Sky was closed by the time we got there today (!!!), so we drove around and explored unknown routes. So fun! :) Must go again and probe around a little more....Quite amazing lah, even in the most ulu pandan parts, there were people living there in nice houses and all. It's like a town in itself, all separated from the world. I was thinking, it would be such a nice place for a kid to grow up in, all protected in a community where everyone probably knows everyone else, and they get to play in all the crevices of the mountain range and know it oh-so-well. But there'll come a time when they need to get reacquainted with the bigger world too huh?

Okei, time to start on essay tomorrow. And there's heaps of other stuff to catch up on too. :P :P :P

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