Monday, February 4, 2008

Working backward from looking forward

There are some moments in life when you wish you could press the fast forward button.

No, not the rewind button, because I always think even if I go back in time, I'll end up doing the same things because it'll seem to me the best thing I could have done then, even if I know better now. 

But it's when you are living in the repercussions of those things that you wish you could zoom past it. 

Then again, it's all part and parcel of learning in growing up, isn't it?

Looking 20 years down the road, what do I want to become?
A gracious woman who is pure in heart, and trusts God. 

So I have to start working on that now, daily.

Making sure that there are no shards in my heart that'll keep it from purity.
Forgiving myself and others quickly, thus living out grace.
Deciding to have faith in God in all things, and not act from my own fear. 


Anonymous said...

Good words.

Sharon Chew's blog said...

Hi Kerda....thanks! :)