Saturday, March 8, 2008

3 men and a google-lady

I watched 10,000 BC tonite and found Tic' Tic to be sooooooo familiar!

With Google, answers are never far away...

CLIFF CURTIS (Tic’ Tic), one of New Zealand’s most successful acting talents, is perhaps still best known for his role in the family drama “Whale Rider,” for which he won his third New Zealand Film Award, for Best Supporting Actor.

See, I knew I watched him somewhere!
I liked Whale Rider so much, and Cliff Curtis played such an emotionally stirring role in it that I donno how i forgot it was him. :P

I think I have this thing for Maori-looking actors.
Just look at how long I was stuck on Jason Scott Lee! Hahaha..

He's still tops though - he can put on the almost perfect mix of arrogance and cheekiness.
And eyes that speak.
Catch him in The Jungle Book and you'll see what I mean.
That was when he was younger though .... He's mellowed a little since, I reckon.
Then again, he's still individualistic enough to do his own thang and take off to become a farmer in Hawaii!

Speaking of which, I'm waiting for The Dance Of The Dragon (starring JSL with Fann Wong and Jang Hyuk).
I imagine it's so named because JSL's most famous role was as Bruce Lee in Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story.

I wish I could have watched him in London's West End Stage production of "The King and I"!
He'd definitely be able to carry King Mongkut off.


Okei, a decade down the road, I'm gushing again ... but he really does have screen presence.  

Am also waiting for Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull!
Think I'll take my parents to catch that ... Dad'll enjoy it. :)

Okei, I have other thoughts about 10,000 BC, but I think I'll save them for my HT article. 
Heh heh. 

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