Sunday, March 9, 2008

mahjong revelations

Actually, I needed to come home after service to sleep a little earlier, cos it's been a crazy week, I have work to finish, and tomorrow is another long day.
But my CG was going to Aston's for my sake!!
So how to not go?! 
Had a yummy dinner and happy fellowship with them.
My CG is always, always happy around food. Haha.

Then when I got home, my parents were playing mahjong with my auntie and all-grown-up cousins Rachel and Rebekah! 
I also want!! 
Uncle was coming to pick Ah Ee and the gals up, so I took over and continued with Dad and Mum. 
Then I called Jon and he was just one bus stop away from coming home, so he joined in the next round. Hee hee. 
He's the fastest in the family and he knows all the combinations and what-nots. 

As Jon said, it's kind of a nice feeling to be playing with family, just the 4 of us. 
We usually play with the coins from our flea market float, then we pour it all back at the end of the game.

Anyway, I won a few times. 
And then I realised that Dad hadn't won a single game since I sat down to play.

Well, I kinda started playing to let him win. 
Yeh, I know I'm the most unprofessional mahjong player ever.
But I got that from Dad. Hee hee. 
He'd excuse us from our Monopoly debts all the time, cos he couldn't bear to see us go bankrupt. Hahaha.
Anyway, we were only playing one more round, and I tot it'd be nice for him to end off with at least one win. 
Plus, Mum kept winning when she was dealer so there were like increased chances...haha.

Then, in the midst of all the cards I was giving up, I realised that the more I didn't want to win, the more my key cards would turn up!! Haha.
At one point, I ended up with all those big cards, and I had drawn them fa cai, bai ban etc.

I voiced this out loud, and Mum and Jon agreed.
(Dad can't really follow the conversation unless we speak slower and specifically to him. Plus, he was concentrating so hard on his cards. So he didn't know I was plotting to let him win. :P)

Jon added, "That is the essence of mahjong it seems. The more you don't wanna win, the more you tend to win."
And I thought aloud, "That's like life, isn't it?"

It seems the more you wanna do something for someone else, the more it's likely to happen for you instead.
I just didn't expect the principle of sowing and reaping to be so obvious in one game of mahjong.

Anyway, Dad finally won the last game, with 3 sets.
Yay. :)

I'm finally off to bed.
Tuition tomorrow morning.
And praying it doesn't rain, cos wakeboarding is on after that! :)
Then coming home for another mahjong date with Dad, Mum and Jon.
Think Dad had the same feeling about playing with family too. :)

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