Sunday, March 2, 2008

Shopaholic goes to town

1pm: Uncle Robert: Sharon, the weather doesn't look good.....I'll monitor and call you again an hour later okei.

2pm: Uncle Robert calls. "Sharon, no point lah. The water is choppy and it's still raining ... Will be a big waste of money and time for you guys to go out in the boat today."

I trust his judgement, so we called it off. 
And he was right. 
It was still raining 3 hrs later.

Anyway, since I had freed up my tuition time slots for the wakeboarding, it means I now had a Sunday afternoon free! 
And so ...... Elaine and Yinqing and I lugged our barang barang on a detour to Orchard!

I wanted to go to Hello! at Ngee Ann City to check out new mobile phones, and YQ wanted to get a bag ... so we thought, why not we hit Tangs first, then just cross over to Taka?
Man, it took us FOREVER to get to Taka! Hahaha.
Cos we are true blue gals of the shopaholics genre you see. :P
Far East Plaza and Wisma will somehow squeeze their way in.

Sigh. I thought, okei we get to save money by not going wakeboarding.
But I ended up spending 3x as much as I would have if I had gone wakeboarding! 
Contemplated taking a pic of my buys to post here, but that would be incriminating evidence. :P

Pay Day has come.
So has Pay-bill Day.

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