Thursday, March 20, 2008

integrity vs. glory

What's more impressive than a person who wins an award?
- Someone who has the integrity to say she didn't.

Phoebe realised that she was placed in the wrong category, which meant that she was not eligible for the win. 
It was entirely the committee's fault *Shachew glaring at their Web site*.
Of course, Phoebe could have kept quiet and simply receive her prize as well as the honor. 

But she spoke up.
- Even if it cost her the prize.
- Even if she has to face and explain to everyone who's congratulating her.
(Trust me, that is one of the worst bits)

There's no embarrassment 'cos the fact is, she's paying for someone else's mistake.
It takes greater character and strength to do that than to win the competition.
Hence, I'm even prouder of her now. 

You go, gal. :)

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