Thursday, March 6, 2008

cab tales

We've been looking for a missing box from Taiwan since last year. 
Packed in it was Dr. Ulf Ekman's Chinese books and some other books we bought for reference.
After a whole year of searching and pestering the ushers, turns out it got misdirected!
Anyway, it was found recently and sent back to my office.
Imagine my joy to open up and find 2 of my books inside that I bought from Eslight!
One is a Chinese book that I tot was rather inspirational ... and looked easy to read. Hee hee.
The other is called "Tales Before Tolkien"--A collection of classic stories that inspired J.R. Tolkien! 
Woo hoo .... felt like such a great find all over again! :)

And guess what, I called for a cab to take me from work to cell group meeting today.
The extra charges alone were $7 and by the time we reached Cassia Crescent, the meter read $17+! 
But this cab driver was really .... donno how to describe ... interesting?!
We were chatting throughout the journey, but he was interesting cos of something else.

When we passed by the ERP gantry, he told me not to worry, he'll absorb the cost.
Then he stopped the meter a few cents before we reached the block, saying, "I'll give you a discount."

When we finally arrived, he said, "I'll knock off $3 for you."
I took it with a pinch of salt, cos I was paying by NETs and I didn't see how he was going to do that.
As I expected, the metered amount came up on my NETS transaction, with no discount whatsoever.

THEN! Mr. Cab Driver took out his wallet and plucked out $3 to return me!
My eyebrows went as high up as they could, and of course I said, "It's okei!"
He was providing a service after all, and the cab fare hike is hardly his fault.
But he insisted, even going, "Take, just take! It's a good thing I got to send you here, cos I get to stop for dinner. I'm hungry now, passing by the food at the hawker centre."
I gawked all the way up.
I've never met a cab driver so thankful to take me, he even reimbursed me. 


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