Monday, March 10, 2008


Am happy we got to go wakeboarding today. :) 
I was amazed, I did pretty well after one whole year of wakeboarding sabbath!
And Uncle Robert agrees. 
It rained towards the end, but the tide was going out anyway, so we were heading back by then.
Will upload some pics tomorrow if I can.
Can't wait to go again, but I think might have to wait till after my Taiwan trip end of this month.

Just finished mahjong with my family.
Now I'm soooooo wiped out I donno if I can fall asleep. 
Beyond the point of tiredness. :P

Ah Ee and family popped by again today and started the mahjong rounds.
I got us all comfort food from East Coast Lagoon Food Centre for dinner...
Wanton mee with 40 FRIED wantons.
Fishball noodles with extra vinegar (for me).
Pork and chicken satay.
Was gonna get more, but they said Ah Ee already bought like a bucket of Popeye's Fried Chicken in the afternoon.

Anyway, why am I rambling abt food when my limbs are crying out for bed?!
I hope I don't go 'warbling' down stairs tomorrow.
Am off to bed now. 
Good nite!

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