Saturday, October 1, 2005

almost a million bucks

Studying at the by one, the ppl at my table leave...until I'm alone and writing furiously. A really pretty gal comes by my table and says, "Hi! This is gonna sound sooooo stupid, but my fren thinks you're really cute and he wants you to have this." This meaning a slip of paper with the fren's name and mb no. Hahaha......I bet if he knew I was prob abt a decade older than him, he would think twice about that. The guy didn't even dare look my way as they were leaving! But yes, a gesture like that does make u feel like a million bucks. Oh wait, wearing real prada clothes made me feel like a million bucks. This is prob abt $700,000? :D

I went down to Ikea today all excited to buy my heart-shaped rug for $9...and they're OUT of it!! How can?! The salesgirl had a most apologetic ring in her tone....I'm prob the 534th person she's told. Sob. That's 2 things I missed.....the beanbag and this. But I reckon it was a good thing I didn't manage to get the beanbag. My mum says my dad doesn't need it, 'cos he can fall sleep anywhere, which is true. Plus, I don't think I know how to sit on it right, cos my lower back was all sore the next day from being arched. Yah...dun ask why I had to arch it. I donno. :P

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Darren said...

ooooohhhhh, now i know why you hang out at the library so much.