Tuesday, October 4, 2005

to sleep or not to sleep

Yay!! Amanda says I've got presents coming from Singapore! WOO HOO!! :)

I'm trying to get my body clock realigned with what is considered normal.
Been having insomnia!
Apparently insomnia is a psychosomatic thing ... so it's prob stress?!
But I've been studying at the library almost the whole week leh...
Shouldn't doing all that work make me less stressed?!

Then again, it's prob also because I've been staying up till mad hours some nights.
I figured since it's hols (albeit for only a week), I can afford to relak a little and watch some happy DVDs at night!
So now I'm seeing the repercussions. Hahaha.
School has RE-started, and I've only got a month to go and there's heaps to do!

Over the weekend, I had the privilege of seeing another new fren, Sham come to Christ!
It's awwwwwe-seeerrm lah.....
She came down to visit Eunice and was introduced to us, and does she have a personality! Haha.
Pst Che Ahn was in town, and he prayed for her too.
Am believing a miracle is working out now!

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Darren said...

I've been there too. You know how people say, "can't sleep whole night, just stay awake the whole day until you sleep normally the next night?" Well, its nonsense. I reckon the best way to cure it is to sleep at whatever weird hour you finally feel sleepy, but force yourself up before noon. Then have a busy day of activities and tire yourself out. Also, studying too much in the library is bad coz you don't move around and thus don't use up energy. Study a little then go do housework or run or whatever.