Monday, February 25, 2008

Abraham exercise

It's been a long weekend ... so I fell into a nap earlier and now I'm still too awake to sleep. :P

Been falling asleep and waking up with an active mind again recently.
Some very interesting thoughts flitting through too.
I think and feel that God is wanting to re-ignite some dreams in my life. 

I also find myself asking myself, "Can I give this up if God asked for it? Can I give that up?"
It's like a "Practice Becoming Abraham" exercise. 
I came to this point when I was praying at the overnight prayer meeting, and again zoomed into my dad's salvation.
And then I realized that I would give up everything I had now, (except my relationship with God, of course) for my family's salvation.
It was a pivotal moment for me, because it was like suddenly coming to terms with how important it was.

So it kinda sparked off the "Abraham" exercise, and priorities started becoming clearer.

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