Tuesday, February 19, 2008

sprightly lil' lady

Grandma's elder sister has passed away at the ripe old age of 83, and the cremation is tomorrow.
That's 2 of grandma's siblings who has passed away within the space of one year.
Here and there, she cheekily makes comments to freak us out, like "Well, it'll soon be my turn," as she's the next oldest.

But you know, my grandma's a special lady, and she'll outlive others like mad.
I've never seen a 78-year-old so eager to get on her feet, or go shopping or sing karaoke anytime.  
Plus, I'm always praying that she'll live as long as it takes to see my 3 kids grow up and call her Ah-Zor.
Haha. :) 

This week looks set to be a crazy one. 
Work and everything else ... pray for me to be real fruitful!

I find myself praying this pretty often these days, that God will open doors where it's His will for me to go, and close doors where it's not. 

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