Thursday, February 14, 2008

see you in the morning!

Happy Valentine's Day to you all!

I stayed up late working on a freelance last night and I became zombified whole of today ... 
So, I'm going to bed early for a change tonight.

Min said her colleague fell asleep at 9:50pm and woke up at 5:50am the next day!
I don't need to sleep at 9:50pm, but I'd be oh-so-happy if I was wide awake at 5:50am.

Most people don't believe this, but I'm really a morning person, meaning I work better in the mornings, and I'm sharper and more effective then, but over time, somehow my body clock has gone haywire due to the bizarre hours I was keeping. It's worse after I get back from each trip to Taiwan, because when we are there, we live and work as if day is night, and night is day. :P 

I hope I'll be able to fall asleep if I go to bed now, because I'm so wide awake at this timing nowadays. Anyway, so getting up early is the hardest thing for me to do these days, but the eternal optimist in me is not giving up!

Good night for now! :)

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