Thursday, February 7, 2008

Painting the MP town red

Happy Cheena New Year! 

I've got bunches of friends catching movies all over the town, and painting it red.
And I'm being Cinderella at home. 

Cos my bro and I never get to go out on CNY eve.
Not that it matters that terribly to us.
We've gotten used to it over the years, and we find simple joy in watching the movies screened on TV instead.
I guess, if you determine in your heart to have a good time wherever you are, you will.

Plus, I rarely get to watch TV on normal days! 
Unbelievable, I know. 
CNY is probably the time when I watch the most TV. 
What else do you do at your relatives' house besides gorging on pineapple tarts?! :P

And, as I was walking over to Mac's this afternoon for nuggets, it occurred to me that living in Marine Parade is such a blast.
The beach is right opposite (No wonder I've never been drawn to chalets, I'm practically living in one).
We have good RCs, good schools, good shopping (Well, considering whose constituency this is, it's no surprise).
There are direct buses into town, which is only about 15 mins away.

And, we're gonna get MRT here by 2020!
Granted, by then I'll be 41 years old (gasp) but still, it's great news!
All we need now is a Multiplex and MP will be PERFECT. 

Sidetrack: The Cookie Museum is not making Cranberry-Lychee anymore! And I JUST discovered it! It's gonna be replaced with Cranberry-Mango. Sigh. I shoulda gotten one tin for myself from their last batch when I bought it as a gift for CT's family the other day. I figured the Madeleine Rose would be enough, but now, I'm starting to think I have a crush on lychee. :P I went back today and most predictably, the last batch has all sold out. 

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